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    Playing cards designed to visually represent manek chowk
Manek Chowk, the bustling open square near the center of the Ahmedabad city functions as the wedding shopping market, is the second biggest in India, at an apparently 3 million rupees of annual turnover. At the same time holds the anciently build structures of the Haziras. On the west of the main chowk lies the Raja no Hajiro (as called in Gujarati) where the male members of the royal family were buried. 
Rani no Hajiro, where the female members of the royal family were buried, lies to the east of Manek chowk. 
The place had a beautiful and very strong contrast in itself. 

This project is an attempt to visually capture the same contrast. Keeping the playful nature of the place alive, the idea of designing playing cards emerged. And the contrast was showcased by designing the two extermally opposite sides of the cards, one being a depiction of a wedding/festival and the other being the death of the royal.