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The Reel

An intelligent platform showcasing the latest and greatest curated sports highlights from around the world. Through an engaged community and personalised clip discovery experience, users are immersed in hours of premium sports content.


Currently, there is no existing solution addressing the task of intelligently curating massive amounts of content daily for a user, while also streamlining the experience and giving the user control over the content they want to see. I propose the following:

Curated from Thousands

The Discovery page offers trending videos based on today’s top videos from all sports, and your watch habits

Personalised Clip Discovery

Aside from intelligently curated content, you can select sports you’re interested in and add videos to your Reel via the watch queue and favourites, in order to personalise the content.


A deep, dynamic aesthetic is complemented by an electric and vibrant accent, paired with typefaces that have personality


From wireframes to visual compositions, the most important iterations came from streamlining the experience for the user. I initially wanted to incorporate force-touch-like capabilities, but there was an easier way to address issues without requiring the user to learn extra interaction.


A lot of exploration and iteration was spent in figuring out the best possible design patterns to use for the solution. Such iterations are pictured below, and were a good exercise in pushing my boundaries of creativity in finding many solutions for the same design elements, sprint style.


The low-fidelity wireframes came about through considering all design patterns, and selecting the ones that best fit the problem at hand.

Final Compositions

The Reel is a platform that filters away the noise of thousands of daily sports videos, allowing users to immerse themselves in highlights they want to see.

This project required a lot of thought into the way users view video clips of this type, and understanding how the target audience (at the point of creation, United States users) intake sports and statistics. 



Personalise your watching experience by quickly adding clips to your watch queue, and unwatching types of clips you don’t want to see.


The filter sits at the bottom of your discovery screen for quick access, with simple options for you to tailor the discovery content even more.

My Reel

All of the clips you’re interested in live on this page, from the clips you saved to watch later, your favourites, and clips from your followed sports.


Condensed to the information you need at a glance - actionable items, tags for the clip, the scores related to the clip, and related clips. The video controls are subtle but help you navigate the video easily.


Quickly search for clips with intelligent suggestions for leagues and popular searches, in addition to the typical keyword search.

Interactive Prototype

Ethelia Lung

Fall 2016

6 weeks

The Reel | Mobile & UX

The Reel | Mobile & UX

Concept for The Reel, an intelligent platform showcasing the latest and greatest curated sports highlights from around the world. Through an enga Read More