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La Bonace Food Truck /Belgium

Food truck La Bonace
La Bonace is de franse term voor rust op zee, kalme golven tussen stormweer in.
Dit is exact waar wij voor staan; zalige qualitytime, met vrienden en familie eventjes ontsnappen aan alle verplichtingen en gewoon genieten.
Dat is waar het leven voor ons om draait

Our foodtruck is a mobile kitchen that comes to your party. We don’t really do festivals of markets. We chose the name ‘la bonace’ because a party with the people you love, is a moment of resting and chilling, peace and quiet in a busy life.
It is a moment to enjoy and relax. People don’t give parties every day, so it has to be a special and beautiful time...The food we serve is inspired by our travels and by working in restaurants with different nationalities. Our specialities are foods from around the world, and also vegetarian dishes.
La Bonace Food Truck /Belgium