Greenflex's Good Futur : It’s not an utopia to build a sustainable futur and make profit in same time.

Greenflex is an ambitious brand designing sustainable solutions.
They came to Lonsdale to work on their identity following their ambitious goals. Our branding department reveal them with a new brand strategy, a logotype and a colorful palette. 

Illustrate such an utopia to give a visual signature to the brand became an evidence. I started exploring simple concepts talking with founders. After couple of sketchs, work really began.

Following illustrations were few pieces extracted from the project

New language 
To build a full illustrate langage was a fantastic job. 
I kept in mind two main aspect while drawing : to build this utopia city based on founders talks and motivations, but also design smaller scenes they will be able to use in their corporate presentation. 

Full vector
Every single asset should be potentially used on is own in both print, web or even animate. The choice of a 100% vector illustration process became obvious.

Role : illustrator
CLIENT :  Greenflex