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Designed to contain and handle fire for a long period of time, fireplaces have been a staple home structure in non-tropical countries since the Early Middle Ages. It is so revered that even the Greeks assigned a goddess for it – Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth, Protector of the Family. As the tide of the new century washes the globe anew, however, fireplaces are slowly becoming a rare sight, appearing in fewer homes; it being considered only for their decorative purpose instead of their actual use.

The fireplace has also been a staple image of Family and Christmas. During winter, families would gather around the fireplace and on Christmas Eve, exchange presents, talk and have a merry amount of time spending time with their family.
Here are some reasons as to why fireplaces should come back as the main warming unit of the family:


Built to contain fire and keep men warm during winter, fireplaces have existed since the Early Middle Ages. With the invention of heaters, fireplaces are slowly losing its place as the center of the home. However, fireplaces offer a cheaper and more environment-friendly way to keep the family free from hypothermia. Heaters use up to 3000 watts for a 350 sq. ft. room. This could surely spike up that electricity bill not to mention the installation of heaters can cost up to $3500.
Firewood is a sure classic.


Back when there were no electric stoves, ovens, toasters and microwaves, our ancestors used the fireplace as their main kitchen. Whether it was too cold to cook outside or just plain dangerous to, they would sit on the floor and tend to their pots inside the safety of their own homes. Cooking by the fireplace can surely be a fun experience in the family.


There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of crackling wood as it burns away on the fireplace, its fire dancing gaily, casting its shadow around the walls of the chimney. That familiar sound has long been associated with the time of Christmas. Even when it’s not December, Christmas Fireplace Videos still gets lots of views from those who wants to relax or be visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past.


Fireplaces are rustic and could be personalized into your own unique home décor. Pretty soon, your neighbors, colleagues and even family relatives will be talking about how cool your fireplace is and wishing they also have one – yes even that annoying aunt who hates you.

Santa Claus

Legend says that a kid must hang their stocking on the fireplace on Christmas Eve for a man named Santa Claus to leave presents in. Nowadays, kids hang their stockings by their windowsills, defacing the legend of the man who goes down chimneys to give gifts to children.