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    Honey Made with Love
Honey I'm Home
Honey Made with Love
Monofloral honey is considered a premium product that is carefully made to get the purest taste. To reflect this, a love story is created. A male bee, Daniel the Drone, tells the story. Daniel would fly to get the best honey from flowers that the queen bee loves and returns home presenting the honey to her, winning her heart. Each day, Daniel would get different monofloral honey, which becomes the colorful product line. This story sends a unique message: this honey is pure and filled with love.
Daniel the Drone, the bee in love, carrying flower that represents the type of honey in each jar.
The shape of the jar is hexagon to mimic the hexagonal honey comb structure. For the gift set, a wooden box is crafted to look like a modern honey frame that is filled with honey in each space. The jars are arranged at random to reflect natures randomness.