S + T + & Monogram. Logo for Sacchetto & Tessarin, law firm.

F + Seat Symbol. Logo for Emporio Freguglia: armchairs, sofas and beds.
C + Cross Logotype. Logo for Cester, pharmacy.

Dancing Letters Logotype. Logo for CICS, Italian Consortium Cooperatives of Performing Arts.
Ù + Chick Symbol. Logo for Cucicù, early childhood store.

P + Pine Logotype. Logo for Agenzia Pineta, literally “Pinewood Agency”, real estate agency.
C + Plane Logotype. Logo for Adriatic Coast, travel agency, part of Agenzia Pineta.

M + A Monogram. Logo for Mod'Art, hairdressing salon.
Plane + Paperclip Symbol. Logo for L'Ufficio dei Viaggi, literally “Travel Office”, travel agency.

G + Key Symbol. Logo for Geky's Key, fashion brand.
F + Arrow Symbol. Logo for Fond.Al.Pi., foundry and modeling.

Ice Cream + Face Symbol. Logo for Carpe Diem, ice cream shop.


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Logo Collection: 12 Logos Explained by Animations.