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    2016–2017 IU Auditorium visual identity.
In 2012, IU Auditorium commissioned Evansville-based Grey Loon marketing to create a visual identity for the following three years. In the fall of 2015, the Auditorium requested a holistic branding overhaul from IU's internal agency, IU Communications. The project scheduling left the Auditorium without a visual identity for the 2016–2017 season, so as their in-house designer, I was asked to create a single-season style to bridge the gap between Grey Loon's design and the IU Communications overhaul. 
Print, web, outdoor, and large format examples of Grey Loon's 2015 visual identity design. A more thorough overview of their work can be found on their site. 
Grey Loon's designs relied heavily on the use of Helvetica, a single violator bar, and stacked photo slices representing the variety of IU Auditorium's performance offerings. While heavy typography, bold colors and complex photography gave a striking impression of IU Auditorium's offerings, it tended to get visually chaotic and didn't reflect the Auditorium's connection to IU.  

Grey Loon's photo slices and brightly colored violator bars served a valuable purpose by showcasing the Auditorium's show variety and drawing attention to the localization info (date, time, Auditorium's URL). Because of the value these elements contributed to the Auditorium brand, I chose to reinterpret them while moving the color palette and typography back into IU brand guidelines. 
Preliminary and mid process concepts for the 2016–2017 season identity. 
Preliminary concepts for show-specific sections of the 2016–2017 season identity, including individual show billboards and brochure pages. 
My concepts for the 2016–2017 season used an angled, layered interpretation of last year's photo slices, carried through both season-wide photo imagery and show-specific violator bars. On season-wide materials, the layers gave an opportunity to add IU brand colors into the stacks of photos. On show-specific materials, the layered, multi-colored violator bars functioned as a vibrant focal point for our localization info and provided the flexibility to condense, expand, or be usable in motion graphics. Where possible, I added the IU trident to mark IU Auditorium's place in the university. 

While Grey Loon's "Indiana University Auditorium" Helvetica lockup had to be retained for brand recognition, all other type phased out Helvetica in favor of IU-standard Benton Sans or Georgia Pro. For the 2016–2017 season, I created a vibrant, bold "best of both worlds" design that nodded to previous years' influence while taking a big step towards acknowledging its place in the Indiana University family. Season-wide and show-specific photos below. 
Twitter, website, and Facebook teasers for the 2016–2017 season show reveal.
2016–2017 season announce billboards in action, promoting the a cappella group Vocalosity. 
2016–2017 season announce billboards in action, promoting the Mamma Mia! farewell tour. 
2016–2017 season announce billboards in action, promoting the off-Broadway adaptation of Into the Woods.
"Tombstone" posters announcing IU Auditorium's 2016–2017 lineup.
"Tombstone" posters announcing IU Auditorium's 2016–2017 lineup.
Interior lucite posters announcing IU Auditorium's 2016–2017 lineup.
Themed lucite posters announcing IU Auditorium's 2016–2017 lineup. From left to right: student interest show lucite, musically-based show lucite, general show lucite, and most famous show lucite (featuring Dance Theatre of Harlem, Into the Woods, David Sedaris, etc.)
Print ads (Left) and web ads (Right) advertising IU Auditorium's 2016–2017 season announce. I created web ads in each size for both the season announce and each of the Auditorium's 14 shows. 
2016–2017 visual identity on IUAuditorium.com's preview of Into the Woods. 
2016–2017 visual identity on IU Auditorium's Twitter account. 
2016–2017 visual identity on IU Auditorium's Facebook account. 
2016–2017 building banners in action above the entrance of IU Auditorium.
2016–2017 season announce trifold mailer (Left) mailed to infrequent ticket buyers, and 16-17 season announce brochure mailed to consistent subscribers. 
Full 2016–2017 season brochure. 
2016–2017 season branding as applied across print and web advertising for individual shows.