Pavillion of Light
A pavillion of light, defined in my own words as 'a sculptural installation decorated by the natural artistry of light' was the subject of one of my earlier projects, to be designed for the location of the grounds of Temple Newsam in Leeds, a stately home residance. In response to the brief I focused on creating an exciting visual design and an exploration of space. I used a simplistic frame shape which was repeated and twisted to create the final sculptural tunnel that is the pavillion of light.
A scaled model demonstrates the shape of the pavillion of light, and this photograph captures the twisting shape that characterises the structure. Each frame consists of two solid panels and one glass panel, which as the frame twists, gradually twists around the structure. The use of these glass panels was to incorporate the use of light within the structure.
From this higher view, the glass panels can be seen more clearly, giving an idea into the effect this will create and the production of shadow. As the day moves on, the changing position of the sun will allow the image of the structure to change, which epitomises my description of the decoration of light.
A rendered image of the pavillion of light in its intended setting demonstrates the materials used for its construction, including timber and glass, with muted colours, but allowing the light to be the primary factor of decoration.