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    Vector illustrations of iconic artists for album series.
Vector Illustration Portraits
Work in progress for new Iconic Artists album concept.
I created my own brief for this new project to create a new album concept for digital distribution. I wanted to create an album series which highlighted the artist and focused less on the album brand. I created striking colour palettes to help these designs stand out of digital markets such as iTunes, Google Play and Amazon MP3. This series started from my drawings of artists I chose which when then converted in vectors using Illustrator. I chose to keep the imagery simple with a limited colour palatte and simple facial features which would hopefully be instantly recognisable. This project is still under way and I'm currently working on vectors for Ella Fitzgerald and Nat "King" Cole next.
Initial drawing converted into a vector and colour palette chosen.
Each artists is given a unique colour background which I feel suits their musical style best. I also added a textured mask to the vector to help it blend in with the large background colour. The texture also adds a vintage feel which I feel is always important to reiterate this is old recordings and not new releases.
I designed these albums to best utitlise some of the new features of iTunes 11. As iTunes is still currently the largest digital market for music, focusing design output for here seemed obvious. I created these covers with large block colours, producing a stricking look when the album is viewed in the album expanded mode as well as on the iTunes store.
More drawings and vector illustrations tobe added soon, this is an ongoing project.
This was the alternate design concept for a possible compilation album, inlfuenced by some of the artwork from 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly'.