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    Audi City Bus Concept. Modern, designed from the basics form is presenting our forward-looking approach to design.The main idea, which inspired u… Read More
    Audi City Bus Concept. Modern, designed from the basics form is presenting our forward-looking approach to design.The main idea, which inspired us in the project was to create a modern concept of a bus which is possibile to produce within 10 years. Primarily it was important to offer high level of comfort for passengers - simple, non-problematic organization of motion inside the vehicle. Dedicated space for disabled people and mothers with children make the vehicle accessible to all. Its interior is made of plastic, rubber and metal to help maintain its purity. Handles and poles to hold up while bus is driving are equipped with stop buttons informing the driver of the passenger's desire to exit at the next stop. The floor was divided into zones based on colors, informing about it's role. Dark colors are the area in which we move, bright colors are areas to stand/seat. Thanks to the glassing between the bus side frame and the ceiling passenger has the possibility to look at the sky while driving. The workplace for the driver feature touch screens for adjusting the seat and mirrors. In this case, we abandoned the traditional mirrors for the digital cameras which are located on the outside of the bus. View captured by them give the driver high awareness of the enviroment while driving. The buttons on the outside of the vehicle allows the door to be opened. The bus is equipped in digital screens informing about the line number and direction of travel. Read Less
Audi City Bus conceptual design was made from the scratch as a showcase form of our design approach. Our main goal was to propose a solution of a futuristic bus, which could be produced in about 10 years. One of the key aspects of the project was to provide high level of comfort for the users. Simple motion flow within the confines of the vehicle provides greater accessibility. Inside the bus there is also a dedicated space for people with walking disabilities and custodians with little children.
Interior was fashioned with plastic, rubber and metal to maintain pure, clean form. Handles and poles are equipped with special button that signals the driver that passenger wishes to get off board. The floor was divided via color use to provide information about purpose of each zone. Dark areas are intended for movement while bright ones are standing and seating zones.
Thanks to the transparent, glass ceiling and side frame, passengers can admire their surroundings during the travel. Driver's seat is adjustable via a touch screen along with the mirrors, which we replaced with digital cameras located on the exterior of the bus. This solution provides greater situational awareness and gives more details about the environment to the driver. Special buttons fashioned in the exterior doors allows their opening while the bus isn't moving. Digital screen provide information regarding the bus route and its number.
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