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    Tower of Terror Remastered is a port of the original Tower of Terror 3D project to a newer and more high definition engine.
Tower of Terror Remastered takes the original and critically-acclaimed ActiveWorlds experience and kicks it into high gear. Every cobweb-filled corner of The Hollywood Tower Hotel has been remastered in high definition for the Virtual Paradise multiplayer environment. The legendary Hollywood Tower Hotel has never looked so incredible.

Download Virtual Paradise for free at virtualparadise.org and enter Aurora to see it for yourself, or view the on-ride POV video below.
The original engine had a very low limit on the number of lighting sources, and used per-vertex lighting. The new engine has both a higher light limit, and uses per-pixel lighting.
With the original engine, an effect as simple as this wasn't even possible, but with the new engine, the hotel's sign can now flicker just like its real world counterpart.
Whereas the original engine only allowed for a single light source in the center, the new engine allows for multiple lights spread throughout the scene, and the lights also appear more realistic than in the original engine, with specular reflections in the floor and ceiling (latter not visible). Guests proceed to the right side of the lobby towards the basement.
In the original engine, the only true light sources were the blue lighting seen throughout the scene. The colored lights on the floor were actually particle emitters. In the new engine, the light sources are real light sources, and the flooring is now a suspended industrial catwalk.
This scene hasn't seen much of a change, with the exception of a few new props and details, but even then, anything is better than plain white lighting.
In the original engine, this scene was very basic (though it was slightly improved over time). In the remastered edition, more props can be fit into the scene simultaneously, so there are more decorations, and the scaling is a bit more appropriate.
The Remastered edition receives a huge improvement with the implementation of the real attraction's five ghosts, presented here using particle emitters. In addition, the scene receives significantly more details and lighting variations.