StakBLOC Container Apartments (2001)

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  • StakBLOC Modular Container Apartments
    A private enterprise project to create affordable mixed-income housing
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  • Targeting mixed market and low-income housing rates to address Vancouver's extreme lack of affordable housing.
    First proposed in 2001, one year before the amazing private company tempohousing in The Netherlands.
    Started 6 years before the Bloomberg administration's 2013 claim of starting a " first-of-its-kind disaster housing program, creating modular apartments uniquely designed for the challenges of urban living" in New York.
    Restarted and ended it in 2007/08, another 5 years before BC's Atira project.

    My Discovery:  In Canada, social enterprises are often in danger of becoming political enterprises, controlled by a political class that takes control for personal political ambition.  Projects get stuck in political time, entrepreneurs need political approval to move forward, project politicization prevents the civil service from doing its' job--nurturing sustainable systems for today and future generations--and this takes precedence over addressing the social problem with new solutions.

    The Lesson: To change the world quickly and positively, bring great products and services to your customers with enterprising non-profits and citizen-run enterprise that is completely apolitical.