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    A project for the Haiti Poster Project. Instructor: Nicole Parente. Flex Design at the Maryland Institute College of Art

A Poster concept for the Haiti Poster Project. Combining an H and + into one symbol communicates a direct message to Help Heal Haiti. The radial pattern in the background represents positive energy and growth. The dots feel appropriate as a representation of noise and motion that relates to the earthquake, but is arranged to look and feel optimistic.

The copy is from the Haitian National Anthem. One thing that Haiti has is fertile soil. It has been an ongoing project to replant fruit trees within the deforestation that has been happening in Haiti. The lack of trees has been a problem in causing rampant soil erosion, which in turn, causes structures to be unstable. Trees provide food and sturdy ground for building. This poster is meant to suggest two things. One is to show vegetation supporting sturdy structures and two, a message of prosperity and hope for Haiti.