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    a personal project
Hi. Here is my latest personal project made together with very talented friend Maja-Lisa (check her work at https://www.artstation.com/artist/majalisakehlet
All is 3d, done in Softimage (and little bit Houdini) except the character, that Maja-Lisa painted in Photoshop.

The whole process of making this picture was quite fun.
It started with me working on a forest environment, but then Maja-Lisa painted over my render, added those little curly things and the cute character. She even sent me those B&W shapes in high resolution.
So i updated my models based on those shapes...
And later decided to try the same models in different environment. With a little bit of mist (simulated in Houdini and saved as .vdb)
It was looking pretty cool, so I kept working on it and adding more and more models... and again, at some point Maja-Lisa took the wip render and painted over some extra stuff :)
and again, i updated my scene and tried to add some of those things there... Until it looked like this:
(This one is here for some people who asked me about the moss... it's done with a lot of particles and instances of geometry)
So in the end i did simple soft lighting, rendered several extra passes like volume, depth, smoke etc. Put them all together in Nuke and added final version of the character, that Maja-Lisa painted for me :) 
And this is the final result again :)
Hope you like it
and a little extra gif showing the progression of the picture :) 
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