The idea of our collection is creating from scratch collection of lovely cartoon characters for children from 6-10 years old, and make them do something also lovely.
i chose funny animal’s characters, playing on music instruments because all children love animals and they also love music and simple, funny, and known instruments.
It will appeal to kids, because it’s funky and we chose pets that all children in this age like it and they will love that they playing music, we think that this will make attraction for them to collect all the current animals and other animals characters that Nestleh may create it in future too.

2-4 other characters in my collection i suggest Could it be stretched beyond this Collection are: cow, zebra, cat, panda, sheep, and Koala.

Here is the Last one (International Hollywood Animated Films Characters)
Existed Characters ....
They want new characters created by us and more simple and attractive for kids 
Design a collection of water bottles with fun characters so 6 – 10 year old kids choose 

  Thank you