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    Recent digital works (2011-2012)
Recent digital works
All c-prints. Dimensions vary.
"In the alley, [ ... ] he approached the blackened nest. It had broken open. Singed wasps wrenched and flipped on the asphalt. He saw the thing the shell of gray paper had concealed. Horror. The spiral factory, stepped terraces of hatching cells, blind jaws of the unborn moving ceaselessly, the staged process from egg to larva, near-wasp, wasp. In his mind's eye, a kind of time-lapse photography took place revealing the thing as the biological equivalent of a machine-gun, hideous in its perfection. Alien."
- William Gibson
P-FRG. C-print. 30x40cm
 HS DOM Map. C-Print. 100x50cm
Beyond Cylon Deathmask. C-print. 38x21cm
MER II. C-Print. 30x40cm