Sound of Thessaloniki 
"Soundspaces" is a research project which is dealing with the development of a methodology to analyze the sound character of the city. It is focusing on the research of the spatial attributes of sound through experimental methods of recording and editing of the sound data.
The progress of the project is divided in four basic stages which are composing a logical continuation towards the achievement of its goal. The stages are: Recording, Editing, Structure and Synthesis. The recording is aiming at the general recognition and collection of sound data. Editing is dealing with the further analysis of the data. Structure is exploring the structural principles that are composing the sound identity of the city. Synthesis is collecting the data of all the stages and is generating an audiovisual result

Center of Thessaloniki
The routes
Recording form
All recording data
Selected route
Graphical simplification of power
Graphical simplification of frequency
Space-based categorization
Space unfolding
Time unfolding
Recording revisited
power x 4
Movement of sound
Space and sound
Timeless sound
Particle field
Sound and forces
Abstract sound
Sound sculpture generation
Egnatia odos
Aristotelous square