Battle of space 
This project is the continuation of the "urban ecosystem" project. It's a part of a series of interventions proposed to act locally in order to protect the heterogeneous character of the area of Chueca. The project is developing experimental strategies of occupation of public space by the inhabitants and is setting up the rules of the battle of space between them and the rapidly growth of commercial expansion. Its goal is to establish healthy relations between all the existing "organisms" of the city by protecting the diversity in the area. The strategies proposed are heavily dependent on computer programming and are developed in MEL (Maya Embedded Language). 
cloud of points
Palladio de Buenavista
Fight back!
Old people
private spaces creation
private spaces creation
Private spaces creation
Commerce spaces creation
Before the battle
All the possible senarios
Calculating diversity
Senario selection
Relations of old people
Repositioning rules for old people
String constraints of old people
Relations of families
Repositioning rules for families
String constraints of families
Relations of yuppies
Repositioning rules for yuppies
String constraints of yuppies
Relations of commerce
Repositioning rules for commerce
String constraints of commerce
Battle of space begins!!
Draft proposal