dream.discover.do is a collaborative project created as a response to D&AD Arjowiggins Creative Papers Brief 2011. The brief challenges us to create something that motivates designers with a 'Blank Sheet Project',
to involve and encourage them to go extra mile to reconsider the way they to things,
to produce something that leaves a mark, particularly with a start of a blank sheet of paper.

dream.discover.do is a design project that become a catalyst for idea generation amongst designers, expressing the link between creative design process and a sheet of paper. It is a viral movement amongst designers that challenge people to look at things in new ways, to break the boundaries,
and to be brave to realize their own dreams.

This project consists of five different elements: a visual motion graphic, invitation mails, postcards, microsite
and social media platforms. They were all put together to inspire and encourage participation from the creative minders around the world.
Collaboration team members:
Ailice Samadi
Marselin Widjaja
Steffiane Halim
Stephanie Harris
The Video

Sheets of paper were arranged in an almost surreal level, illustrating the world of dream. More often than not,
a new idea was born from merely imagination, by freeing mind from the mundane everyday objects.
Using a metaphor of dream to portray the limitless imagination, this video urges designers to see dream positively, motivates them to keep imagining, and make those into reality.
Invitation and postcard

Invitation for designers were mailed to their houses or studios personally.
It is an invitation for them to participate in the creative paper exploration movement.

There is a brief attached with the invitation, that seeks interesting creative thoughts and inviting designers to submit their thoughts. The submitted photos will be compiled into one and will be shared in the official dream.discover.do microsite.

A series of postcard was made as a platform to inform the creative people.
It will be directly mailed along with the invitations.
The Microsite

A microsite for creative minders around the world to inspire and to be inspired.
It is a platform for them participate the paper movement and share their paper experience,
particularly those with the start of a blank sheet of paper.
Facebook and Youtube

A Facebook page and a Youtube channel as a platform to share the project movement, updates and news.
Extra - Behind the Scene Video