Minus Nine Degrees Of Normality
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    Book about mental disorders based on some of the most bizarre sexual deviations.
'Minus Nine Degrees Of Normality' is a book about  some of the most bizarre paraphilias - mental disorders based on sexual deviations.
The book explores the definition of fetish, paraphilia and sexual orientation. It is set to open a discussion of what is considered normal while looking into how far one can go with their sexual interests. The paraphilias listed in the book range from apotemnophilia - sexual arousal based on the image of one's self as an amputee, to agalmatophilia - sexual arousal based on statues or sculptures.

The content includes real stories of those, who happened to experience such deviations and an interview with sexologist Dr Amy Marsh.
The book is contained in a laser-cut wooden box, which is reminiscent of the motel room door. The 'Do N̶o̶t̶ Disturb' sign represents the secretive nature of paraphiliacs and the disturbing content of the book. The tactile blue-velvet insides suggests the sensorial aspect of sexual arousal.
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