A True Story - Rhys

Motion Graphics
Commissioned by The Atlantic & Allstate, A True Story is an animated series honoring six organizations with innovative local approaches to pressing issues affecting communities across the country. The story of Rhys, is that of a man who gave up his successful life to be able to do something in return for his community.
Directed by: Edgar Ferrer & Guille Comin
Producer: Edgar Ferrer
Creative Direction: Guille Comin
Art Direction: Elda Broglio
Art Production Coordinator: Paola Ovejeros
Storyboard: Guille Comin
Illustration: Elda Broglio, Eugenia Mello
Cel Animation: Dante Zaballa, Anne-Lou Erambert, Mette Ilene Holmriis, Guille Comin
2D/3D Animation: Edgar Ferrer, Dante Zaballa, Leo Campasso 
Clean Up: Macarena Ortega, Núria Just, Rafel Andrade, Mette Ilene Holmriis,
Compositing: Edgar Ferrer
Script: The Atlantic
Music & Sound Design: Aimar Molero
A True Story - Rhys