Book illustrations- книжные иллюстрации (для себя)
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    I like to illustrate my favorite novels and stories :)

these novels are for sure among my favorite ones ;) 
Ichtiandr, by A. Belyaev`s novel `Amfibian man`
When i read book and like it, i always feel urge to draw characters from it or to draw some scenes which impressed me a lot. 
 Faust and Mephisto. 
By `Faust`, Goete. 
Creation of the Monster
By `Frankestein`, Mary Shelly
Monster, broken free
By `Frankenstein`, Mary Shelly 
Free interpritation of Monster`s image. To my mind, in movies and comics his image doesn`t meet that one which was described in the novel :/
Fenrir. The beginning of Ragnaroek
Based on Scandinavian mythology

Snusmumriken`s father
By Mumintrolls (Moomins) stories