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Sepotong Senja Untuk Pacarku
Ambigram and Tattoo tribute to Seno Gumira Ajidarma
"Sepotong Senja Untuk Pacarku" is the title of a short story by a famous Indonesian writer, Seno Gumira Ajidarma. loosely translated to "A piece of sunset for my sweetheart."

I read this short story back in the early 00's and immediately gobsmacked by his literal—yet profound—perspective in describing the tackiness of love that the main hero suffered throughout the story. The main hero literally carve "the sunset" with a box-cutter into a pocketable-sized-postcard and subsequently invoking a nation wide manhunt and causing havoc to society. All because he wanted to give a piece of sunset to his girlfriend as a sign of love. 

You can read it here (it's in Indonesian though, sorry for international readers out there, I hope someday someone would brave enough to translate this magnificent work of literature)
The Concept and Design Process.
I paired "Sepotong" with "Pacarku" and "Senja" with "Untuk". Once I'm happy with the individual pairs, I scan it, fire up Illustrator and start vectoring.
Initially, I wanted to stop here because I think it's readable enough (for me that is). But, something inside me said something still missing. More ornaments? Yes, but not just the usual typographic swooshes. It needs to be more "Senja", more "Sunset". I recomposed the whole thing and ultimately came up with this.
And this is the final ambigram piece
Ok, This is supposed to be the point where I should stop, enjoy the final work, brag it to some friends and go on with my life… but no, things starting to get a little bit way too serious.
The Tattoo
I asked my cousin (the one with the Bella Ambigram tattoo on her chest) who's the best typographic tatto artist in town? and then she appointed me to Mr.Untung of Lucky Tattoo Bandung. Ok, the date has been set and there's no turning back.
After 4 hours of pain (especially around the solar plexus area) here's the final ambigram tattoo.
So there… The title of my favorite short story from my favorite writer permanently tattooed on my chest. 

Sepotong Senja Untuk Pacarku
A Piece Of Sunset For My Sweetheart

Thank you Seno Gumira for writing such a marvelous—yet tacky—piece of literature and subsequently altered my understanding and perspective for love and affection.

*all tattoo photos courtesy of Pambudi Yoga Perdana