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    DeSoto available on MyFonts.
Available in Regular, Bold, Black, and Engraved.
From MyFonts description:
Warm and inviting— DeSoto is a titling face sure to ad a touch of grace to many projects. Its name and inspiration come from a few letters in a 1958 DeSoto magazine advertisement. Many automobile ads back then used wide faces to create a feeling of luxury and elegance. DeSoto gives you that same feeling, but in a more contemporary fashion.
DeSoto’s extended width characters show a hint of old school aesthetics. It comes in four styles all featuring a balance of caps and smallcaps. As a titling face, DeSoto will work in all kinds of setting; well… maybe not death metal flyers, but who knows? Taking advantage of OpenType programming, DeSoto features include alternate characters, fractions, oldstyle figures, ligatures, case-sensitive punctuation, ornaments and swashes, and Central European language support.
All features, including ornaments, are included with each weight, taking full advantage of the OpenType format.
DeSoto is available at MyFonts