Illustrations for Popshot magazine
Illustrations for Popshot magazine
Can't help admiring an illustrated literary magazine Popshot. I began drawing for it in 2015, at the very first stage of my career as an illustrator. And since that time I can't stop. Nothing commercial, just joy and pleasure of endless experimentation and appreciation from the author of this amazing project.
I'm always looking forward to getting an author's copy, still having a sense of printer's ink, wonderful stories, great illustrations, Royal Mail and Britain itself. And here it is, brand new and as good as always the 16th Issue "The Hope".
This time I got to illustrate a marvellous story called "What we're left with" by Lynsey Morandin, which is about complicated relationships between mother and daughter, sometimes bright and sometimes dark and gloomy memories. I hope you'll manage to find a mother's face which is hidden in the illustration, as I've tried to pursue adding concealed meanings and senses in my illustrations.
And one more illustration for the 15th Issue "The Adventure" of the Popshot Magazine. This time I got to illustrate a wonderful and amazing story ('Here, there & everywhere' by Drew Tapley) about a man left alone on a deserted island. 
I decided to continue a tradition started in previous issue and to pursue with a subject based on inner space of the image. And again, this issue is full of awesome authors - illustrators as well as writers. Thanks Popshot Magazine, as usual it was a great experience!