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    Brandbook for Whirlpool's brand in Brazil: Consul.
I picked up where the other agency left the brandbook  job. It seemed outdated for the americans from Whirlpool who had just bought  Brastemp and Consul operations in Brazil.  Talent was the ad agency and they needed to hype their popular brand Consul. First step was to update the brandbook, bringing it to the 21st century. Logo adaptation, new layout, color palette, format, updated promotional content, logo aplications, etc. 
The theme remained the "Brazilian woman...."  This fitted perfectly with my colors, bold layouts, typography, etc.. It was a lot of work and a reduced budget. Fortunately there was no one at the agency with brandbook design experience.So I was called in. I had to preserve the text,  keep some pictures, same typography, update colors, search for new textures and Brazilian moods. I increased the number of pages so I could have less text info per page. Thus making the brandbook easier to understand to all kinds of public. 
I delivered the project directly to Consul in open InDesign format for updates. There are still some blank pages, outdated info and images missing. I assume the project never went beyond this almost final artwork. The client hired a junior design team to take care of the brand. The new logo is still being used on all products. I did all project alone.