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    Unsolicited Uni Posca refresh.

Posca is the paint marker brand of Uni (Mitsubishi's pencil company). It is at least known by every paint artists, designers and customization enthusiasts, and used on a lot of different surfaces and projects (from canvas to surf board, ceramic, textile, paper, glass, plastic, figurines, walls etc.)
It is loved by many and is often the default option: Posca almost means paint marker like Post-it means note.
This lack of competition can somewhat show in Posca's aging visual identity:

Posca's current visual identity

A New Posca

Support Font

Using it. Some exemples



8 pack of extra-large (15 mm) paint markers

Artworks by, from Left to right and top to bottom: Carol Wood, Mulga, Graffmatt, Jason Woodside, Julien Deniau, PHM

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