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    Hemingway book covers, graphic design, illustration
Hemingway Book Covers #1

Nobody writes rugged 'men being men' novels like Hemingway, The Old man and the sea' perhaps being the most distilled and purest form of his men against men/ nature/ life ethos. That aside it's just simply one of my favourite books, as he is one of my favourite authors. I thought I would try my hand at recreating covers for his works, beginning here. The old retro look book cover is hardly original now, but I wanted to produce a set of my own and I thought it would be fun!
Death in the afternoon
Hemingway's  treatise on bullfighting; customs, rules, preparation, and apparel. "Bull fighting is the only art in which the artist is in danger of death and in which the degree of brilliance in the performance is left to the fighter's honour." so says Hemingway.
For whom the bell tolls
A young American demolitions expert is asked to blow up a strategic bridge during the Spanish civil war behind enemy lines, a suicide mission. Coming to terms with his impending death while juggling his burgeoning feelings for Maria.
Fiesta: The Sun also Rises
Jake Barnes is an ex-pat American traveling around Europe with a group of friends. He is in Love with Lady Brett Ashley. During their travels Jake becomes aware that his love for Brett will never be reciprocated, as she steadily works her way through various men along the way. The group socialise, fish and watch bull fighting, but mostly drink and make merry. As a metaphor for her voracious man eating I depicted used and empty glasses to represent the men Brett has come across nothing left but her lipstick trace, there is one untouched glass which represents Jake.
These last two covers haven't been as dynamic as the first two, so I might try them again with a different slant. Any criticisms are much appreciated.
To have and have not

Set during the depression in the 30's 'To have and have not'  recounts the tale of Harry Morgan an essentially good man corrupted by the financial and economical difficulties he finds himself in. He descends into a dark and depraved character, he ransoms morality, friendships and innocence in order to provide for his family.
Men without Women

14 short stories, Hemingway's second collection. As the title suggests the stories centre on Men; foibles, habits, mentality, behaviour. He delivers 14 segments of the male psyche. The subject matter is acutely Hemingway- bull fighting, war veterans, violence, death, masculinity and friendship.