At 632 meters high Shanghai Tower is the world’s second tallest building and the tallest building in China. The tower was completed in 2015 and since 2014, in cooperation with EUCA Shanghai, we have created and developed the “Top of Shanghai” brand communication starting with the design concept for the initial tourism campaign.

Working with diverse illustrators, artists and design researchers, our team and clients explored multiple creative approaches and finally chose a recognisable and iconographic illustration of Lujiazui Area in Shanghai as the key visual which is used in the internal and external communication. We also added some tourist figures often in fantastic situations to reflect the unforgettable experience that Shanghai Tower offers for target audience.

After the tourism campaign, our team was engaged to create posters, advertisements
and icons for the launch of the ‘top of Shanghai’ souvenir store. The souvenirs
are classified into different theme families.  Our team were inspired to use different
artistic styles such as constructivisme, cubism, expressionism, etc. to interpret different product families. These styles were integrated with different visual materials
in the campaign.
Clients: Shanghai Tower
Project: Branding campaign & Visual Identity
Agency & Consult: EUCA (Shanghai)

Project leader: Ellain LI (EUCA, Shanghai)
Project manager: Grace XU (EUCA, Shanghai)
Design director: Yu ZHAO (Studio Yu, the Hague)
Art director: Ellain LI, Yu ZHAO

Content: Grace XU
Illustration: Jingbi YE (Beijing), Yu ZHAO, Blauwburg(Amsterdam)
Desktop publishing: Ge PANG (Shanghai)
Image retouch: Wade XU(Shanghai)

CG architecture images offered by Gesler