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    Get the best Orlando video production company help you for commercial video production, corporate video or promotional video production for you product or business. You can get more info on this link-- https://www.adjustproduction.com/ Read Less
Orlando Video Production Company
Why Video Production Services are Must Have at your next Orlando Convention

Over 60 million people flock to Orlando, Florida every year.  One of the main reasons is there are many conference and convention options that are continually growing.  C Vent, an event management company, ranked Orlando as the number one location for conventions in 2016.  With over $1.9 billion impacting Orlando’s community each year, having the competitive edge is just the tipping point when it comes to standing out. Hiring an Orlando video production service could be your differentiating factor. 

In 2015, the Orlando Convention Center revealed its plans to expand its 2 million square foot facility which will continue to attract even more conference goers.  This space does not include the other facilities in Orlando, such as the Yacht & Beach Club at the Walt Disney Resort which is also adding 25,000 square feet.  The Orlando Convention Center has the second largest amount of event space in the U.S., where Las Vegas is the first.  However, the cost to rent a hotel room is lower, and there are 450 hotels in comparison to Las Vegas which has 167. 
With all of the continued growth, your company has plenty of opportunities to experience these locations but what will keep your employees, patrons, collectors, fans, and more coming back each year?  A great first impression from a professionally produced corporate video.

Event Video Production for Keynote Speakers

Capturing Your Keynote Speakers on Video Could Boost Attendance for the Next Year

Your company has spent thousands of dollars picking the right keynote speaker for this year's event.  Their speeches could contain great anecdotes that pertain to your business's goals or the overall feel for the conference.  Using an employee's smartphone is not the solution for capturing these moments.  Not only that but the video production service you hire locally in Orlando could film the speaker in a way that captivates the audience that could not make the event.

Also, take into consideration those who might not be able to attend the event.  A local Orlando video production company such as Ad.Just Video production could send a live feed to those who have access to the internet to other parts of the world.  Using their professional equipment will enhance the sound and picture to those not attending.  They will feel like they are right there with their colleagues.

Video Production Service Can Grab Great Testimonials 

Green screen Testimonials and impromptu moments create great marketing material for videos

Word of mouth is the most useful marketing tool to date.  A corporate video production company can set up a green screen set at the convention site to interview those attending your conference.  The set up creates an opportunity to get some authentic reaction to your event.  Not only that, but you can also have the hired video production service ask candid interview questions to the attendees while they are walking to their next room or meeting.  Utilizing the interviews as a tool for marketing will bring authenticity to your business and give those who could not attend this year more of a reason to come next year. 

Corporate Video Production can add pizzazz to your website 

After all of the filming of your convention has been done, a great driver to grab people's attention when they come to your website is a professionally done video.  What better way to communicate your story than an interactive view of your company's message?  According to Unbounce, videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.  That does not include conversion rates on social media sites, and videos are shared among colleagues.  Consider the video about your convention as an elevator speech to gain more traffic and trust among those interested in your business or organization.

Event Video Production of product unveilings huge on YouTube Great B-Roll footage for your event video production Ad. Just Video Production based out of Orlando, Florida, "We have completed 30 corporate projects with year with a focus on Orlando venues such as the Orlando Convention Center and Walt Disney World Resort.  There has been a significant increase for corporate video production requests in 2016”.  The convention industry is booming and will continue to grow exponentially especially the facilities are able to accommodate even larger crowds.  The demand for corporate videos has equally been impacted.  Corporate and event video production in Orlando is a great market now.”

When you decide to use a video production services for your next conference in one of the top rated Orlando facilities, you will have the opportunity to create something that will boost traffic to your site, word of mouth, memories, and much more for your company.  Whether you are a business having annual conferences for your organization or a niche group having a convention to bring all of your like-minded peers together, event video production will help you grow.