Special Edition DVD Packaging for Disney's TinkerBell
A packaging of Disney's TinkerBell Special Edition DVD Set
This was a student project in which I was assigned to create some different, interesting packaging for a special edition set for a movie, TV show, or music album of my choosing. Being a big Disney nerd (I mean, fan), I chose to design for Disney's TinkerBell movies. TinkerBell is my favorite character so I had a lot of fun designing the packaging for it. Using the idea of a music box that is integrated in the first film, I designed the packaging to look like a hand-crafted wooden music box. The box is small and weathered, looking as if it had been hand-made by the fairies themselves. It comes with a removable belly band to give the box some color and pop on the outside, and would be thrown away once opened. On the front is the film's title, TinkerBell, and given a carved wood treatment with a 3-dimensional keyhole set beneath it. On the back side of the box is a quote that is repeated at the beginning of each film, and entices the DVD set owner to open what lies inside the special box.

Upon opening the box, a song plays. It's the original "You Can Fly" song from the original Disney Peter Pan movie, which also is featured in the first film. Inside lies the DVDs, each in its own jacket and slides into its own slot, reminiscent of how someone might store his/her rings in a  jewelry box. On each jacket and DVD is a specific character from the story, with a cute little colorful pattern lining the inside of the jackets. A finger slot is featured to help make it easier to slide the DVDs out of their jacket, and it is also echoes the keyhole shape featured on the front of the box. Also included in this set is a delicate key necklace, going perfectly with the music/jewelry box theme to enhance the consumer value of the product.