Juntos pelo Natal Sicredi
We were invited by DZ Estúdio and WE2 to develop an innovative project. It is a Christmas animation, but with the difference that it should be reproduced simultaneously in two screens, conveying the concept of cooperation. This was one of the biggest challenges that we had. We adapted our workflow, plan the animations and compositions in order to guide the viewer's view, avoiding to lost any information. 

Click here to access the animation in two screens or watch the animation in a singlescreen below:
We looked to develop fun characters while trying to get away from the Christmas cliché. For the elves we develop the personality of each one according to their functions on the factory, such as the Elf Geek who is the GPS operator.
In order to convey a feeling of affection we used a passage of time (morning, afternoon and night) with a warm color palette.
With the storyboard ready, we continued working on the compositions to ensure that both screens works individually and the viewer didn´t lose any important information.
After create the characters, compositions and colourcript, we began to develop the environment that would be used. For this we looked for dozens of references of films, illustrations and photographs.

After this study, we defined that it would be important to create large environments to keep the idea of ​​a great manufacturing, but without losing a cozy look.
To start producing the rigs, first was necessary to split the characters body and create differents positions to facilitate the animator's work.

Agency: DZ Estúdio / WE2
Production: Estúdio Pé Grande
Directors: Gabriel Vedana e Felipe Galvão
Storyboard: Ricardo Bess​​​​​​​ e Ricardo Andreis
Animatic: Felipe Galvão
Illustration: Ricardo Bess
Rig & Animation: Débora Leão e Marcelo Vieira
Edition: Gabriel Vedana
Post-Production: Gabriel Vedana
FX: Felipe Galvão
Audio: Loop Reclame
Juntos pelo Natal Sicredi

Juntos pelo Natal Sicredi

This is a Double Screens animation for Christmass.


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