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    To create a fully illustrated alphabet, number and glyph set.
Fort Nightmare
To create a fully illustrated alphabet, number and glyph set.

Fort Nightmare is an illustrated alphabet project that I decided to start after a particularly unfortunate incident that happened in the cold December of 2015. I had planned to spend a month off the grid so that I could work on my Mongolian Throat Singing album, and to finish knitting a warm hat so that my ball of wool would stop complaining that he was cold. A month should do it, I thought. I decided to book myself into a respectable lodging resort far away, so I settled on a cheery sounding place called Fort Nightmare.

Everything was going tremendously well until I arrived and tried to check in. The folk there were funkier than beets and beats. I saw people that looked like letters and letters that looked like people. Terrifying folk they were, each one more bizarre than the last. They napped me up in a net and kept me captive for some reason or another. Maybe they wanted to eat me. Maybe they wanted to feature on my Mongolian Throat Singing album. Who knows? I was trapped there for four long weeks, and I finally escaped by digging a large hole behind a poster of Rita Hayworth, but the less said about that the better.

Now, I will be knocking out a crude drawing of one of the Fort Nightmare residents every two weeks so that you can keep clear if you ever see one loitering about down the High Street. The 26 letters will be released fortnightly over the course of 2016, and a fancy book detailing my ordeal will be published in 2017.

Keep a weary eye out for the entire alphabet, and for the sake of Pete, keep away from #FortNightMare whatever you do!