UX Design / UI Development for CELOS - DMG Mori
CELOS — DMG Mori     
UX Design / Front-end Development
CELOS is a multitouch app that runs on DMG-Mori CNC milling machines and allows the operator to prepare, optimize and process production jobs. 
Schindler is tech company specializing in the area of design and innovation strategy for sophisticated products and complex systems. It provides game-changing solutions for future markets by rethinking the connections between users and their environments. 
My Responsibilities
Animation Flash, After Effects
UI Design Photoshop / Illustrator
Version Control SVN
Wireframe Balsamiq
Prototype proto.io, Axure
Front-end Development — HTML/CSS/JS, Qt, WPF(XAML, C#) Visual Studio
Project Management Trello, Asana
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