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    Open-source rails application for DC Abortion Fund's Case Managers
Design, product management, and user research for the DC Abortion Fund's Case Manager Application. CM App (code name, DARIA) is a secure, accessible, easy-to-use application that helps Case Managers make grants to pregnant women who cannot afford the full cost of an abortion. A volunteer team of designers and developers, along with our DCAF partners, shipped the CM App in less than nine months. 

The open-source rails application includes interactive call list planning, a gestation calculator, case histories and call logging, a straightforward patient record retrieval system, and data structures optimized for analytics use.

The product benefits from regular user input from two case managers who attend each Civic Hacknight at Code for DC. We also ran structured usability tests with three case managers and tested the application on live calls for three nights. We gathered feedback from these sessions and quickly made fixes before our first launch. We continue to gather feedback from Case Managers using the application each night. 

Dashboard screen for Case Managers. CMs build their call list each night from a voicemail box.