Così fan tutti. E tu? Io no. - Project book
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    A little book about a social advertising project for AMSA Milan.
Così fan tutti. E tu? Io no.
During my second term at Politecnico di Milano, course in Communication Design, I realized, with my mates Pietro Duchi, Federico Fumagalli, Greta Galli, Alessandro Malcotti and Rita Neves, a social advertising campaign for AMSA, the company that basically cares of Milan's waste disposal and street sweeping, and I was in charge of this book graphics.
Our aim was to sensibilize youngsters to the problem of glass bottles left on the ground and the correct places for their disposal.

We had to realize a video and a campaign, composed by Below and Above the Line parts. Our project claim is "Così fan tutti. E tu? Io no." (Everyone do in this way. And you? I don't.), because we want to link the problem with a massive bad manner that most of people do just because it's considered normal. Our spot tries to create a fake and surreal reality where some really strange things happen, things that in the real world of the watcher create estrangement. At the end of the spot, we try to demonstrate that leaving bottles on the ground is a strange thing too, like jogging in the park in boxers or having a shower in a public fountain.

This project book reports all datas and problems about AMSA, showing our work divided in five different phases: Copy Strategy, Idea, Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. Reading this book, you'll discover every detail about our project!