Teatrando 2011
Festival Internacional de Teatro Escolar
client Teatrando Festival
local Valongo, PT
year 2011
collaboration Diogo Dias

Graphis Gold Award 2013 - poster category
Poster finalist at Trnava poster Triennial 2012 (Czech Republic)
Teatrando, is a recenttheater festival that agglomerates several high schools whereas the students displaythe various theatre plays that they developed along the year. This year, due tothe fact that it was the first edition of the festival, one of the decisions takenwas that the poster and its subsequent image of the festival must be centered onthe festival’s name. This was a strategy devised in order to publicize it moreeffectively, by spreading the name more quickly throughout the general public.Henceforth, no photos, no illustrations were used; we simply used a typographytreatment and played around with its name. The letters were printed and themscanned, in order to make dragging visual effects. After almost 70 differentscan compositions, we pick the best one and added the relevant informationdigitally.