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The Kennedy Conspiracy Newspaper

The Kennedy Conspiracy Newspaper
The Brief:

The JFK assassination is one of the most widely debated conspiracy theories in history. For my final major project at University I chose to research the vast 
amount of theories there are through the studies of authors, investigators and assassination experts. 

The challenge I set myself was to explore these theories in a visually exciting 
way to encourage the viewer to read into the subject in more depth. 
a strong connection to the subject to portray it in the form of a newspaper.
The official story states that three bullets were shot at JFK by Lee Harvey Oswald. The newspaper contains three chapters as a reference to each bullet and is portrayed on the front cover.
The Why.

Explores the theories as to why JFK was assassinated and the events during his presidency that may have caused someone to assassinate him.
The How.

This chapter focuses on the assassination itself and the mysterious events that occurred around it.
The Who.

The final chapter explores who may have assassinated Kennedy and their motives for wanting him dead.
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The Kennedy Conspiracy Newspaper

The Kennedy Conspiracy Newspaper

The Kennedy Conspiracy is a 56-page newspaper that explores the vast amount of conspiracy theories surrounding the JFK assassination.