Metal lace.
A lot of my work this year has been heavily influenced by what I saw at the lost in lace exhibition in Birmingham (february 2012 ) at the exhibition there was pieces that expressed how the artist saw lace and illustrated their interpretation - in various mediums. In other project i had focused on using textiles and fabrics that were easy to manipulate and experiment with using a variety of materials in my sketchbook work. I wanted to take more of a fine art approach to the whole idea because it would be something that I haven't had experience with and would be challenging and somewhat risk taking for me. I was particularly drawn to having a piece that hangs or drapes down with segments that are attached as it would allow light to pass through the gaps and cast interesting shadows - or it would show transparent and opaque sections just like lace actually does. I chose to work with metal plates because it contrasts with the delicate idea of lace - the soft, intricate materials often associated with the material. In order to show how the metal can relate to the properties of lace i decided to use print ( hand pulled screen printing) over the top of the metal plates to give them detailed patterning. The patterns were taken from various gates and iron work I discovered around Europe. Another form of pattern creating was with the rusting technique - the results from this were more than I expected and i thought the detail of the line was amazing and provided such strong links to the original lace idea. I linked all the pieces of metal plates  (aluminium, stainless steel and steel) together with thin steel wire and hung all the 'chains' from a metal rod. Obviously there is great room for improvement within the design process and the outcome. However, this piece was done for educational purposes and the time and resources were limited ( this was my 8 hour exam unit final outcome) so taking these factors into consideration I am quite pleased with the piece. 
metal plates from :