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    Interaction design
GE Show Interaction Design
An episodic product that aims to showcase GE technologies in a way that appeals to all.
I wireframed and designed a container and navigation system for this episodic showcase of science and technlogy via GE’s products and projects. Visitors to the site spend an unbelievable 7-10 minutes on the individual Show pages.

Here's a nice article about my work on the GE Show.
Wireframe for the main GE Show landing page (seen above).
Individual Show page
Traffic analysis showed that users sought the most popular features (via tracking Facebook Likes & Tweets). A Best of GE Show was created to bundle all of that great stuff into one place.
Navigation study.
I'm not afraid to show my sketches! This came out of a working session I had with the team. As you can tell by the shadows, I took a photo of it with my phone and shared it immediately with the team so we could make quick progress.