Pond House [with Elliott+ElliottArchitecture]
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    Private Residence
Pond House
Mount Desert Island, Maine
Project Architect: Eric Reinholdt
[with Elliott+ElliottArchitecture]

This building marries the familiar with the unexpected in anunusual site at the edge of a harsh sea environment. Three simple cottageslinked by a series of decks make up this summer compound which extends over thesite of an existing condemned structure. Inspired by local fishing shacksand wharf buildings dotting the coast of Maine, this retreat interweaves largeglazed openings with simple taut-skinned New England shingled cottages. Thisskin is incised to open views to the sea beyond and relies on light steelframing and thin braces to preserve the simple forms eroded toward sweepingviews. The main ‘wharf’ cottage extends over the tidal salt pond below with astructural steel frame anchored to the pond’s granite basin and containscommunal living spaces: kitchen, dining, and living rooms. Linking interiorspace to the views beyond is a cantilevered deck which appears to float abovethe water. The flanking cottages contain private sleeping quarters and frameviews to the surrounding moss covered forest.