• Joshua Kerrigan
    Josh Kerrigan | Florida Yacht Management
  • Joshua Kerrigan, owner and founder of Yacht Management, Inc., has always been an entrepreneur. Ever since he founded his first yacht maintenance business as a 15 year old he has had an eye for unique business opportunities. After establishing his company’s reputation as a business that has provided delivery, maintenance, and cleaning services for hundreds of yachts, Kerrigan began looking for ways to expand. As his company has seen a gross sales increase of over $1.5 million annually during his Presidency, it’s evident that when Kerrigan puts his mind to doing business, he’s going to do it well. That’s why Joshua Kerrigan is excited to add the Yacht Charter Business to Yacht Management, Inc. Having partnered with several broker houses, Yacht Management, Inc. can help their clients reduce and offset the high cost of owning a yacht by assisting them with chartering. In a chartering partnership, everyone wins: Yacht Management, the broker houses, yacht owners, and those wishing to rent a yacht. Kerrigan realizes this and is excited to be an efficient and reliable go-between for all parties involved with his latest entrepreneurial venture. Kerrigan looks forward to seeing future expansion plans in south Florida and the Bahamas take off this year.