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IBM Think Exhibit - Data Wall
IBM Think Exhibit - Data Wall
Agency: Mirada via SY Partners
Creative Directors: SY Partners: Nicolas Maitret  
Mirada: Mathew Cullen, Kaan Atilla, Jesus de Francisco
The IBM data wall was the introduction to the Think Exhibit at the Lincoln Center. This exhibit celebrated IBM's centennial year, and 100 years of human progress. The wall aimed to educate the public about five areas of interest to the New York community. These included air quality, water waste, potential solar energy, fraud detection, and traffic sensing. I compiled extensive preliminary research and concept development for all five areas of interest. However, my main focus for design was the solar and traffic sections. Programming designers Casey Reas, David Wicks, Jonathan Cecil, and Rhazes Spell all collaborated on this wall.
The video above is the property of SY Partners.
Below is a concept sketch that would show the areas of the city with the highest potential solar power at differing times of day. This power would be graphically converted into the number of apartments that it could power in a single day. In the last frame, we can see silhouettes inside the windows of each apartment.
Here are a few preliminary style frames illustrating the rays of sun coming down onto the rooftops. These rooftops would make up a grid where each unit = a person who could have power for a day off of this potential solar power. 
This idea would show different areas of interest in NYC, the potential solar energy that they could collect, and the varying numbers of miscellanious household appliances  that these buildings could power. We zero in on the Lincoln Center, and see how many people this one building could power for one day.
Below, is an image of the exhibit.
Below is a concept design of some style frames for the traffic section. This segment would illustrate the volume of different types of traffic at varying times of day on Broadway. The data would be presented in real time. 
Below are photos of the traffic and air quality sections of the wall.
Above the Think Exhibit
IBM Think Exhibit - Data Wall

IBM Think Exhibit - Data Wall

IBM Data Wall concept designs, and storyboards