Brexit, the Syrian refugee crisis, the burqa ban — the decisions surrounding issues locally have impact globally. Current events affect everyone, everywhere; the world should have a say on their outcomes. VOTEABLE is a digital platform empowering global citizens with a say on the planet’s most pressing issues.

We launched with the most contentious issue of late 2016, the U.S. Presidential election, we pit Trump against Clinton to take the planetary pulse on who is best fit to be lead the most influential nation.

Translated in 20 languages, VOTEABLE is neutral and non-judgemental, but positioned as a platform that can potentially affect massive outcomes. It has no agenda other than to provide the entire world with a space to cast their vote and be heard. 

The project is a perfect expression of N/A Studio’s purpose-led mandate of ideas that matter; marrying innovation, incubation and impact to create initiatives that improve the world.

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