Pan Is a mythologIcal half human–half goat manIfestatIon of forest and anImal spIrIts that would help or hInder humans at whIm. It's a cafe project I partIcIpated In 2014... When the clIent came wIth a hand drawn IllustratIon of PAN, me and the InterIor desIgner of the project, Halil Doğan both thought of a sIngle "lIne craft" IllustratIon of the maIn character Faun to Imply InsIde the place. Then the boss, Mahmut Anlar Improved the Idea as coverIng all the walls of the place wIth IllustratIons of mythologIc characters. Then I had my first serIous experIence In graphIc IllustratIon and thIs concept emerged. ClIent: Pan Karaköy / DesIgn OffIce: GeoID / IllustratIons, GraphIc DesIgn & art dırectıon: Selim Ekmen / InterIor DesIgn: Halil Doğan / Concept Idea: Mahmut Anlar

The geometrIc structure of the logo based on cIrcles and straIght lInes. ThIs generated the complete form of the character DESIGN OF THE PROJECT. The logotype orIgInated from the sImple stylIsatIon of syrInx, PAN's famous musIcal Instrument. 
Photo: Nejat Çiftçi
Photo: Selim Can Çelik
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