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    Corner Concept Store by IAM Architecture Studio
Corner Concept Store

location: TSUM, Kyiv, Ukraine
category: boutique store
area: 60 m2
status: realized in 2016


 «Corner CS» is a new boutique shop in recently re-opened TSUM in Kyiv. The total area of 50 square meters wrapped up in the laconic interior design of 3 basic structures is revealing the strategic formula of this Ukrainian brand.
The concept of the interior was created by the founder of «IAM architecture studio» Maksym Kamynin. The interior of this boutique aims at expressing the idea and social values of the brand. 

While creating «Corner CS» interior design Maksym Kamynin used only 3 core materials: wood, symbolizing purity and eco-friendliness, concrete, to highlight the solidity and innovations, and metal, the symbol of strength and consistency. «I am architecture studio» specializes in creating exclusive items of interior design. Maksym Kamynin created unique parametric accessory stands for «Wooden Corner» boutique, which remind of the Black sea waves in static. The nautical theme in the interior design of the shop is no accident, as Odessa, the biggest Ukrainian port city, is a hometown of ideologist and co-founder of “Corner CS” Iryna Radeva. Wooden veneers, metal rails and sharp-edged mirrors are all handcrafted and created in single piece.

«Corner CS» in TSUM became one of the three epicenters for Ukrainian design development. Here you can find fashion items of young and talented Ukrainian designers. All designs are unique, hot-right-now and affordable, made of eco-friendly and natural materials, combing avant-garde Ukrainian style and the latest fashion trends.
Photo: provided by Corner CS