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    House for a young farmer and his family
The Green Wall
house for a young farmer and his family
The desire of a young farmer to live near hisfamily-run farm led to the drawing-up of a Farm Development Plan where his home/work-place,as well as the future homes of his siblings, becomes one of several groups ofbuildings in a ‘rich complex for country living’ intended for people, animals,tools, and equipment. This inspired a harmonious rural architecture design project.
In the country, there is a simplicity that is born frompracticality, from the economy, from the rationalization of equipment andtechniques. Houses are simple dwellings designed with specific functions inmind. This corresponds to austerity indesign bordering on the ‘almost nothing’, then brought to life by day-to-dayliving, by the variety of materials, by the wise re-use of elements, by thetransitory nature of solutions.
The housing module is composed of:
a living wall, the alignment of rooms on twolevels, which have a direct rapport with the outside and an inside rapport withthe hallway.
A ‘passage’ wall within which there is the distribution axis onthe ground floor, the metal stairway andlanding of the first floor made of standard section bars and metal grids. Like a fence, the wall extends the house toinclude other outdoor rooms (farmyard, pergola, garage for future expansion). In the siblings’ houses the wall willchange: into a light support structurefor greenery or into a glassed-in two storey volume.
The design project is based on criteria ofenvironmental eco-sustainability: thermal masonry blocks with in-between corkinsulation, ventilated roof, radiant-heat floor, solar panels on the flat roof,climbing plants on the west-facing wall, shading system made from micro-perforatedsheet metal for various types of filtered light.