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    Music video for Le Petit Ramon.
FIRST PRIZE for best music video in the CL'HIPS Festival (2010).
THIRD PRIZE for best catalan music video in the MUSICLIP Festival (2010).

Author: Le Petit Ramon
Song: El Lament de Perceval
Album: Acusticus Replica
Label: Bankrobber
Direction: Carlota Coloma / Adrià Lahuerta
Cinematography: Guto Moura
Camera: Sergi Escuin / Xavi Garcia
Make up: Alana Gayet
Editing: Adrià Lahuerta
Production: Bankrobber / 15-L Produccions / PretoBlanc Produccions
With images from Segundo de Chomón films, produced by Pathé:
"Le Roi des Dollars" (1905)
"Le Troubadour" (1906)
"Roses Magiques" (1906)
"Le Spectre Rouge" (1907)
"L'araignée d'Or" (1909)
Barcelona (2010)