Berlin Project - Semester 01
This is the first project of my MArch degree at Newcastle. Based on a field trip to Berlin we were allocated studios, each with a unique brief - in this case it focused on two contrasting sites located along the U-Bahn. The site were Ostkreuz and Westkreuz and feature the intersection of the circle and direct line that bisect Berlin. Due to historic events, political change as well evolving population dynamics the areas are entirely different environments, experienced polar stages of the cycle of gentrification.
My project set out to address Westkreuz, and tackle a number of issues such as low housing stock, the overcomplexity of the transport infrastructure, lack of jobs and low education in poorer socio-economic groups and finally the continuing recession of residential space into commerical and industrial wasteland.
Also it was a chance to experiement with socialist/communist principles in community, building ironically in what was West Germany.